Data Fields
fuse_buf Struct Reference

#include <fuse_common.h>

Data Fields

size_t size
enum fuse_buf_flags flags
void * mem
int fd
off_t pos

Detailed Description

Single data buffer

Generic data buffer for I/O, extended attributes, etc... Data may be supplied as a memory pointer or as a file descriptor

Field Documentation

int fuse_buf::fd

File descriptor

Used if FUSE_BUF_IS_FD flag is set.

enum fuse_buf_flags fuse_buf::flags

Buffer flags

void* fuse_buf::mem

Memory pointer

Used unless FUSE_BUF_IS_FD flag is set.

off_t fuse_buf::pos

File position

Used if FUSE_BUF_FD_SEEK flag is set.

size_t fuse_buf::size

Size of data in bytes

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