Data Fields
fuse_context Struct Reference

#include <fuse.h>

Data Fields

struct fuse * fuse
uid_t uid
gid_t gid
pid_t pid
void * private_data
mode_t umask

Detailed Description

Extra context that may be needed by some filesystems

The uid, gid and pid fields are not filled in case of a writepage operation.

Field Documentation

struct fuse* fuse_context::fuse

Pointer to the fuse object

gid_t fuse_context::gid

Group ID of the calling process

pid_t fuse_context::pid

Thread ID of the calling process

void* fuse_context::private_data

Private filesystem data

uid_t fuse_context::uid

User ID of the calling process

mode_t fuse_context::umask

Umask of the calling process

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