Data Fields
fuse_file_info Struct Reference

#include <fuse_common.h>

Data Fields

int flags
unsigned int writepage: 1
unsigned int direct_io: 1
unsigned int keep_cache: 1
unsigned int flush: 1
unsigned int nonseekable: 1
unsigned int padding: 27
uint64_t fh
uint64_t lock_owner
uint32_t poll_events

Detailed Description

Information about open files

Field Documentation

unsigned int fuse_file_info::direct_io

Can be filled in by open, to use direct I/O on this file.

uint64_t fuse_file_info::fh

File handle. May be filled in by filesystem in open(). Available in all other file operations

int fuse_file_info::flags

Open flags. Available in open() and release()

unsigned int fuse_file_info::flush

Indicates a flush operation. Set in flush operation, also maybe set in highlevel lock operation and lowlevel release operation.

unsigned int fuse_file_info::keep_cache

Can be filled in by open, to indicate that currently cached file data (that the filesystem provided the last time the file was open) need not be invalidated.

uint64_t fuse_file_info::lock_owner

Lock owner id. Available in locking operations and flush

unsigned int fuse_file_info::nonseekable

Can be filled in by open, to indicate that the file is not seekable.

unsigned int fuse_file_info::padding

Padding. Do not use

uint32_t fuse_file_info::poll_events

Requested poll events. Available in ->poll. Only set on kernels which support it. If unsupported, this field is set to zero.

unsigned int fuse_file_info::writepage

In case of a write operation indicates if this was caused by a writepage

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